Some More Trivia

How old was Alicia when she started learning to play the piano?
8 years old
Does Alicia have any brothers or sisters?
Yes, twin sisters.
How old was she when she wrote hit Fallin' ?
18 years old.
What record company Alicia first worked with ?
Colombia Records
What is her star sign ?
Which song of "Songs In A Minor" was not written by Alicia ?
How You Don't Call Me.
What is the colour of Alicia's hat on the cover of her album ?
Which song of "Songs In A Minor" was not produced by Alicia ?
What day of January was Alicia born ?
What song does she listen to in video of Fallin' ?
What school did she go to ?
Performance Arts School of Manhattan.
What area of New York is she from ?
How long has she been going out with her boyfriend ?
5 years !
I s Alicia bisexual ?
What artist is singing with Alicia on "Girlfriend" ?
Jermaine Dupri.
Who wrote "A Woman's Worth" ?
Alicia and Kandi Burruss from Xscape
What soundtrack does "Rock Wit U" come from ?
"Shaft" (2000)
In "A Woman's Worth" Alicia sings that a man could buy her for what?
For diamonds and pearls
What's her favourite food?
Chicken wings.
Where is Alicia heading to in her Fallin' clip ?
To her man who's in prison.
Who is "How You Don't Call Me" dedicated to ?
Her father.
Who wrote "Never Felt This Way" for Alicia ?
Brian McKnight.
Which song on album "Songs In A Minor" is number five ?
How old was she when she wrote "Butterflyz" ?
14 years old.
Did she perform on Prince's birthday party ?
Which record company did release her debut album ?
J Records.
What song on her album is Prince's song cover ?
How Can You Don't Call Me.
What is Alicia's favorite ice cream?
Vanilla with chocolate fudge.
What is Keys shoe size?
What is The song "Trouble" based on??
The problems of getting lifted and dropped from record labels.
In the remix to her hit Fallin', which two MC's dose Alicia Keys feature?
Busta Rhymes & Rampage.
What is Alicia Keys mother's name?
On what show did Alicia make her performing debut?
BET's Teen Summit.
What is Alicia Keys' favorite movie?
What is the name of the bonus track in Alicia Keys album?
"Lovin you".


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